Is is safe to travel to Myanmar / Burma?
  • Hello - I would love to travel to Burma/ Myanmar before it gets properly opened up and becomes another Thailand. Is it safe to travel there? Are you restricted to certain areas and are there any other considerations? Anyone been there recently who can advise? T.
  • Hello, I never been to Myanmar, I also have questions like you, somebody tell me? Thank you so much :)
  • Dear jasond and hathuylieu,

    Greetings from Myanmar !
    It is safe to travel main tourist destinations in Myanmar,though we have some restricted areas.
    The best time to visit there is from mid October to end of April.
  • Yes Dear, you can visit there. 
  • Hi there,
    Myanmar is wrestling with some serious sectarian violence, but this is not in any way aimed at foreigners and you should be fine if you do your research properly and know which regions to avoid. Violent crime against foreigners is rare - Myanmar actually has lower crime rates than many countries in the region. There have been a series of bomb attacks, mostly aimed at government installations, and although these don't usually target tourists directly it is worth exercising caution in public places. Terrorism of this sort is a possibility in many countries though. If you want an adventurous, off-the-beaten-track holiday in a relatively unexplored country then Myanmar is a very good choice. The main tourist destinations are generally considered safe.

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