Passport requirements for Spain
  • My son's passport expires on 27th Jan 2009, will he be able to travel to Spain on 27th Nov 2008 til 5th Dec 2008 or will he need it to expire 6 months after he returns? Please help as I want to avoid buying a new passport for him which hell never use again. Thanks

    this site may help you
  • Hi Cadiwa, it is very risky to travel on a passport that will expire within 6 months of departure.Spanish immigration has the right to refuse entry on that basis, even though in practice they probably wont. It makes a difference what nationality you are: EU passport holders wont have a problem, but visitors from the US might. I would get the new passport - after all, there's a chance he'll travel again right?
  • I want to travel to Cadiz spain in June. what are my visa requirements, I a filipino Citizen living in Dubai.
  • hi! I'm also a filipino citizen with a residence visa in Dubai. i'm planning to go to Spain next year. is it hard to get a schengen visa for Spain?
  • I just went through the process of getting a schengen visa for a Lao citizen - the requirements are the same for Filipinos or anyone else outside europe or the US.
    It is very detailed - takes a long time and is expensive, and the spanish embassy staff are amongst the most unhelpful and arrogant in the world. You need:
    -3 months payslips
    - 3 months bank statements showing you have enough for 50 euro a day
    - letter from your employer
    - proof of flight booking
    - proof you have somewhere to stay
    -Schengen forms x 2 and photos
    - 60 euros non refundable fee
    - proof of medical insurance

    You then need to deliver it in person (even if it is 1000km away), have an interview, and collect it in person a week later.
    If I didn't have to go I wouldn't bother - go to Palawan instead - its nicer than spain anyway!
  • hi I'm a Pakistani passport holder (residing in Dubai - UAE) - trying to travel to Spain in July / Aug.. is is difficult to get a Schengen visa ? What are the legalities and visa requirements?
  • I thought Schengen Visa's can only be obtained by certain EU citizens? Germany Luxemburg etc.. will try to find a link and get back to you.
  • Schengen visas are required by nationals of many countries around the world. It allows travel in the various EU states that are part of the Schengen agreement. See here for all the info you need, plus downloadable application forms:
  • Just reading all your comments, It seems getting schengen visa to Spain is more difficult than I thought. I don't even know where is the Spain consulate/embassy office here in Dubai. Don't they have a website?? Any idea??
  • I wonder if I could apply schengen visa from French embassy or other EU member country to visit Spain? I'm holding a multiple schengen visa as I had travelled to France before, unfortunately it expired a few months ago. Were planning to visit UK then travel to Spain for holiday. Any comments please...
  • i will apply for my turksih boyfriends visa soon, to come to britain for 6 months, can he use the uk visa to fly to spain for a holiday?
  • I am travelling to gran canaria next passport runs out in december.Will i be able to travel?
  • We are flying to Barcelona to take a cruise to Italy and at the end of the cruise plan to stay a night in Barcelona. Entry requirements say that we must have a carta de invitacion from a police station. I can't find any information on how to get this and when to get this. Can anyone help?
  • My boyfriend has a st. lucian passport which runs out on 11h November but we want to got to Spain in September. Does he have to renew it before we go, does he need a visa? Please someone give em answers.

  • hi i fly out next saturday 25th july 2009 for 2weeks to spain my passport is up in october 2009 will i have any problems with the spanish embassy? or should i get a new passport?
  • hey sunbeamray,

    If your passport expires within three months of the date of departure from the country you will be in, you will run into a lot of trouble. So my suggestion is that you get a new passport as soon as possible.
  • my Filipino friend is in London right now and she is holding a student visa. she wants to go to France and Rome. is it possible for her to obtain a visa? pls i need your help
  • we travel to menorca on the 5th sept and return 19th,my sons passport expires 23/2/10,will it be ok??
  • I have dual US and Irish citizenship and will be travelling to Spain from the US to attend graduate school. I have a US and EU passport, and was wondering if I'll need a visa to stay in Spain for the six months I'll be at the University.

    Thanks in advance!

  • HI, My friend invited me to join him in Madrid, Spain for 5 days holiday.. He will shoulder all the expenses, roundtrip airline ticket, accomodation, insurance, etc.. Question is, I long would it take to get a spain visa for a filipino, i need to be there on the 2nd of feb and can I use his travel docs e.g hotel accomdations, medical insurance as proof or as a visa requirements? Pls help.. am running out of time.. thank you
  • Hi siren,

    You should count on at least 3 weeks to obtain a Visa for any of the Schengen countries. As indicated in one of the first replies of this thread Spain may be even more difficult than the average so it seems you're too late already.
    You'd probably need some kind of sponsor form from your friend also to present at the Spanish Embassy in the Phillipines (if there is one in your country - otherwise they may have an agreement with another Embassy either in Phillipines or in another Asian country, in some cases as for Sweden they have a rather efficient call-center type of agreement with the Swedish Embassy in Thailand).
    Try to plan for a travel date in March which would be more realistic!
  • traveling to spain june19,my irish passport and my husbands english passport both run out september19 are we able to enter spain or do we need to get new passports?
  • people, how hard is it to count 3 months before your passport expires??? Mandinka, renew passport if it is 3 months before the exparation date!
  • If you are a UK citizen you don't need 3 months before the passport expires to go to Spain. I've just checked the information on the British Embassy in Madrid website and it states the following:

    Entry requirements
    If you are a British Citizen or British Subject with Right of Abode in the United Kingdom, you do not require a visa to enter Spain. Other British Nationals should confirm the current entry requirements with their nearest Spanish Embassy.

    A valid British passport must be held for entry to and exit from Spain. There is no minimum passport validity requirement but you should ensure that your passport is valid for the proposed period of your stay.

    Link to webpage -

    I hope this helps?
  • my husbands poassport british expires 4 days a week before we are dure to return fromtenerife will this be a problem?
  • i want to work in european country what possibly the chances i have! iam 29 yr old and iam a driver now here in the midle east, and iam planning to migrate in spain do i hve chance to get there and bring my family too.
  • hi im leila from philippines... my friend had a sponsor from spain but we dont know how to there any websites how to apply or any procedures????pls email me my friend really needs help here..thank you!!! god bless!!!
  • my passports is out of date d 22nd of june im flyin out the 1st of june back the 7th will i be allowed fly home with it dublin said as long as it is in date the date im comin home . will i be able to
  • me and my boyfriend want to go on holiday to benidorm on the 31st of august 2010 and arrive back in the UK on the 5th of August 2010... but my passport runs out on the 1st of march 2011- meaning that i arrive home during the 6 month validty of my passport... woul i be ok with doing this or will they not allow me too fly backto the UK, untill i get an other passport? ???
  • hi my ant invited to spend Christmas with them in spain, she told me to inquire about the requirements and she will send me but i don't know where to inquire i am currently working here uae and having a filipino passport please advice thnaks
  • I am an English person currently a resident in Spain and need to know how long I am able to stay in Engld for extended visit due to family illness?
  • Hi... I live in India and am a student going to travel to Barcelona in end June this year. The document requirement states that an Indian passport older than 10 years will not be allowed. My passport was made in 1998, with a validity upto 2018. I also got it updated recently with my recent photograph. Will that cause a problem. Help from your end will be appreciated. Thank you :)
  • Dear friends i am from Pakistan but settle in dubai more then 10 years i want to know about the information for the schengen state if some 1 have interview already please help those people how want to apply,
    what they will ask and what document they required please answer,
    Thanks in advance,
    my e mail id

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