Paperwork required to marry in Zante!?
  • Hi,
    I am a British citizen, my fiance is a Nigerian citizen, with a UK resident permit visa. We wish to get married in Zante, Greece, and would like any help/advice on what paperwork is needed for us to marry in Zante, and also any other helpful information on where/whom we need to speak to get this paperwork sorted.
    Many Thanks
  • you will find that it is a minefield of red tape I think that the 1st place you need to try is the Greek Embassy they will tell you the legalities.Maybe you could check out Zante weddings in a search if you are convinced that it is Zante that you want to get married in.
    I run a forum for Kefalos in Greek Island of Kos and have seen many weddings done there..there is a small church on Kastri Island just across from the resort and the beach of Kamari..
    come and have a look at the forum if you fancy trying Kefalos instead.
    Ann (aka KA)

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