Leaving South Africa with a DUI?
  • Can a south african with a criminal record go to Mozambique or Namibia? What about asian countries like Thailand? My son is facing a DUI and a criminal record, but has had plans to go on holiday at the end of the year. Will he be able to?
  • Travelling with a DUI is mainly a problem in two scenarios: when you need to apply in advance for a visa, you might be rejected on the grounds of a criminal conviction. However since South Africans dont need visas for Thailand this is not a problem. The other scenario is when entering Canada, as immigration there seem to have zero tolerance for DUI convictions and pick it up quite effectively. Just ask the many US passport holders on this forum who are banned from entering canada for that reason.
  • Thank you! So he will be fine in all countries where he can get a visa at the border?
  • Please help!!! I have been trying to get info everyewhere, but contriticting results are driving me insane!!! I have a DUI that is 7 years old, and I want to travel to the USA.... Is it possible, can you really get into the states with a DUI??? Please Help
  • Hi ADB1,

    If you haven't been in any trouble since then, you should be able to apply to get the DUI expunged from your record.

    I would look into doing that before applying for a US visa, because trying to get a visa after you have been rejected once is very difficult!
  • While studying in Uk in 2008 was caught for DUI.I pleaded guilty and court asked me to pay fine .which i did now i wanna travel to Europe and South East asia for Holiday. Can i get visa? (I hold Indian Passport currently In Mumbai now.)
  • Are there any South Africans who was able to obtain a USA visitors visa whils having a criminal record?
  • If my boyfriend has been arrested for suspected DUI and paid bail can he get a visa for Germany still? He was pulled off in Jan 2013 and court hearing is only in July 2013 and his trip due for March/April 2013. Please help.
  • ABCDH:

    Your boyfriend should be able to get a Schengen visa without too much trouble, but he'll need to apply asap!
  • Thank you very much! Such a stupid mistake! Thought he was ok.

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