uk passports expiry dates
  • My wife, daughter and I are due to travel to Tunisia on 17th October 2010. Our UK passports expire on 11th May 2011, 18th August 2011 and 18th May 2011 respectively. Do we need to renew before we travel or not?
  • Freddie, I think your passport validity should be fine but if you want confirmation then just call the Tunisian embassy who will be able to put your mind at ease.
  • HI

    My 4 year old son and myself are going to tunisia 13th April to return 24th April 2011 and my sons passport runs out 26th september, Do I need to renew it before I go or will it be ok??
  • Rebecca - your son's passport should be absolutely fine. I don't think there is a need for it to be renewed prior to travel.

    Enjoy your vacation in beautiful Tunisie
  • Mich - I think he will be fine - it still will have 6 months validity on it.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation to Tunisie
  • I am thinking of booking a holiday to Tunisia on 3rd April 2011. Is it now safe to travel there
  • Sue - Tunisia is calm and safe - please don't worry, book your holiday and enjoy your time with us.
  • HELP - we are thinking of flying to Tunisia on the 17th April 2011 for 7 days, my passport expires on the 22May 2011, will this be ok?
  • Ishi - it is so hard for me to give you a definite answer. It will depend on the immigration official and the mood on the day. If I were you then I would get a new passport before you come. I am not sure which country you are from but most countries can supply passports in just a few business days
  • We are due to travel to Tunisia in July. My daughter's passport is just about to expire. Will a new passport be OK? I read that passports should be valid for 6 months prior to travelling. Is this correct?
  • Statman - a new passport is great - it needs to be valid in regard to the amount of time left on the passport before expiry.

    Enjoy your time in Tunis
  • we are planning to travel to Tunisia April 2011 two of our childrens passports expire june 2011
    will we need to renew them ??
  • northernbird - it's better to be safe than sorry - if I were you I would renew your passports prior to travel. Tunisia like majority of other countries requires 6 months validity
  • Lesley, thanks for the reply. I realised that I had misread the information provided.
  • travelling from Republic of Ireland to Greece in June for 2 weeks on UK Passport that expires at end of July 2011 is this OK, or should I renew, Just noriced the expiry date.
  • aNNN - sorry I can't help you, perhaps re-post in another country thread??
  • i am going to turkey 10 june 11 my passport expires 11 september 11 do i need to renew
  • Hi,I am going to Tunisa on Sunday 15th May to Sunday 29th May 2011,I just read about the 6 Month rule My Passport expires on 29th oct 2011,will it be ok,as its too late to renew it now!
  • Jaydogg - your passport will be fine!
  • I am due to go to Turkey in July for a holiday. My British Passport expires in October 2011 will I be able to use my passport for the holiday in July or do I need to renew the passport now.
  • Sally, I don't know about Turkey but you should check with the Turkish Embassy who will give you up to date and correct information
  • Hi Will be flying out to Tenerife on 5/08/11 my sons passport is valid until 15th September will this be ok
  • Hi,
    Myself and my 15 year old daughter are travelling to Sousse, Tunisia on the 21st October 2011. Her passport runs out at the end of December. I don't really want to get her a new passport as she qualifies for a ten year passport in January. Will we be ok to enter Tunisia still? We are only staying for a week.
  • Alan - Your daughter should be able to enter and leave Tunisia on her passport. I hope you have a great vacation in sousse
  • hi im thinking about going to lanazorote at the end of september coming back to the uk on 3rd october. my passport runs out on 8th october, can i travel on this passport or do i need to renew it first ?
  • Emma - I have no idea as this thread is about Tunisia but perhaps contact the Home Office and find out whether you should travel or not
  • hi, we are flying 28 of september for 11 days to tunisia. my daugters passport is expired and of january. do you think that we will be ok? now it's to late to renew.
  • Zajkor - your daughter's passport will be fine. As long as it has not expired it will be accepted. I welcome you to Tunisia and I wish you a wonderful vacation.
  • my 15year old daughter and i are travelling to portugal ,her passport exspired opn the 11th of october her passport exspired on the25th of august ,how quickly can i get her anew one
  • Mara - contact your nearest passport office!!
  • Just noticed my passport expires on 3rd april 2012 i am travelling to tunisia on 16th october 2011,will i be ok to travel.
  • Penny - it should be fine.
  • we are travelling to tunisia 28.4.2013 my daughters passport expires 22.7.2013 will she be allowed to travel
  • travelling to tunisia on 14.06.2013...but my passport expires on 24.07.2013.... but i have latvian passport...will i be able to travel?
  • hi im travelling to uk on 10/10/2013 but my passport expires on 16/06/20014 will im allowed to travel or i need to renew my passport ? thx to answer me
  • Hi Achref, 
    I'm not sure where you're from but you should be absolutely fine to travel. You have more than six months validity on your passport - and that is the maximum border control in any country requires. Enjoy!
  • It does depend how long you intend to stay... if it's for more than three months you may need to renew your passport, otherwise you should be fine!

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