Alaska - visa needed?
  • Do i need a visa if travelling to usa on a eu passport?
  • No you don't. Alaska is part of the USA just like any other state.
  • i am indian ... can i apply for alaska for permanent residence
  • Alaska is not a country - it is part of the USA so in order to live and work there you need a US work visa or green card.
  • I am seafarer joining in junau alaska - is there a visa needed besides US Visa? thank you.
  • im from philippines if i like travel to go alaska i need visa and how i get visa to go in alaska and wht the regquerments to go in alaska??
  • I am a South African with a valid H1B visa for the USA and staying in Houston, if I want to ravel with my motorcycle through Canada and Alaska do I need a visa for Alaska? What about Canada?
  • @Visser

    Alaska is part of the US, so you won't need a separate visa for Alaska. If you have a legal visa for the US, you won't need a canadian visa either, but you must have your passport with you.
  • Iam from sri lanka
    i want to do a job in can i get visa for this one
  • i want to go to Alaska to. Do I need visa to go there?

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