best time to go to Tunisia?
  • Hi,

    I am thinking of travelling to tunisia in late March but am not sure if that would be the ideal time to go. I want to go at a time when it is hot enough to swim in the sea. I expect that means I would have to delay it until April or possibly May? What would you advise?
  • Hi Hoqsta - I would advise that you come in May, but it will depend where in Tune you are intending to visit. But I can guarantee that the weather and water temperature will be very nice in May.
  • Not sure yet where I will be going. Will be travelling with my two kids (age 5 and 3) so want to go somewhere where their are child friendly excursions/activities we could do and we want to see some culture. I'm not the type of person who would want to spend all my time by the pool at the hotel. Ideally, I'd be away from the hotel for a lot of the day. Any suggestions on which area to go to?
  • hoqsta - your children are quite young but I can suggest that perhaps you base yourself at one of the coastal resorts in say Monastir, Sousse or PEK and take day trips with the children. Nabeul is also a lovely spot to stay and a little bit less touristique than the other cities. This way you can take them to see the Berbere caves at Tataouine (although that is a very long day) and perhaps spend a night in the desert at a Berbere camp. I am sure the children would enjoy that - they can take a ride on a camel etc. You can visit Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful seaside village with the typical Tunis houses of whitewash and blue doors. Of course a day in the capital Tunis wandering in the old city will intrigue them also. I would definitely suggest that you get hold of the Lonely Planet, Tunisia. It is an excellent resource guide.
  • Hi LEslie, I have just booked to travel to Hammamet, the hotel Dar Khayam on 21 Feb until 07 March can u give me any advice on currency i.e will i bring dinars with me or bring GBP exchange whilst i am there . I am a single woman travelling alone and have never been to Tunisia before so any help would be gladly accepted
  • Hi Annie, welcome to Tunisia. Bring GBP and exchange at the banks while you are here. You can't buy TD outside of the country and don't take any home with you, really they are useless. You will be fine in Hammamet, it is a very tourist area so you are very likely going to meet other foreigners. Don't worry, this is a very safe country but just make sure that you dress modestly and you will be fine. In Hammamet many of the local shops/hotels etc speak English. If you have any French that can help you. We speak an Arabic dialect here but if you have any formal Arabic words they are appreciated.

    Word of caution - the guys who work as animators (entertainers) in the hotels are known for trying to cotton on to foreign women. Some of them have a few going at the same time. We call it 'bizness' - don't be fooled by their looks or charm or words of adoration. At the very least they want you to buy their drinks or at the other end of the scale, relieve you of all your money with the promise of a visa.

    Apart from that I am very sure you are going to have a wonderful time.
  • Hi Lesley, you have been really helpful to many people willing to travel to Tunisia. Thanks aging on behalf of them and myself.
    I am planning my trip with my girlfriend in first week of May 2010. Quiet looking forward to it actually. We are going to book a hotel in Hammamet named "R
  • Hi Sadin,

    I am happy to give you a very warm welcome to Tunisia and I am sure you will both enjoy your time here. May is a good time to come, it's spring and starting to be warm and sunny. Hammamet is a great place to become acquainted with our culture/food etc. I am a little wary of giving recommendations for hotels, but the star rating system is a little different here. A 3 star will more likely be around a 2 * compared to Europe. Most hotels offer full board if you want that, but I recommend that you use your hotel as somewhere to shower/change/sleep! There are great places to eat in Hammamet and when you are really sick of couscous and harissa head out for a pizza - they are really good in Tune. Most hotels (apart from the very small ones) offer animation, meaning entertainment and this can be quite good fun. They will also offer beach entertainment, equipment etc.

    As regards unmarried couples in the same room, this can be problematic. Some hotels will allow it, others will not. However as you are both foreigners you should not have any problems. But, you may want to check with the hotel and get confirmation in writing that this will be acceptable. But, my best piece of advice is to not realise that you needed to take your marriage certificate with you.

    Thank you for your kind words - this is my adopted country and I want everyone to enjoy it as much as I do.
  • Hi Lesley,
    That was amazingly helpful. Thanks a lot again. Yes, we will be taking the half board, preferably hotel and breakfast and wonder around for local foods here and there in Hammamet. We changed our holiday destination from Cyprus to Tunisia and really excited to land there. The only quibble is about the unmarried couple's room share. As you said, will ask the hotel and confirm. But if it's the law, then they wouldn't say that "we can" anyway.
    Apart from that issue, we are ready for Tunisia. Will come up with my findings and will keep posted here.
  • Hi,I will have a travel to tunisia (Hammamat)with my husband & our 5.5 years old son for our spring vacation .It will be just at 19th of march to 26th so I want to know it is good time for travelling to this beautiful country or not & please tell me we will be able for use of sea or not ? oh & cartagland . I will be so thankfull if you answer me .
  • Sadin, well you are going to enjoy Tunisia much more than Cyprus which has become very expensive. It is really cheap here and you can live very well on your currency. I really hope that you will have a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing your impressions when you return.
  • Hi Negar, March will be a lovely time for you to visit as the temperature is not hot but it will be very nice in Hammamat. I'm not sure that you can be in the sea, it takes a while for the water to get warm but perhaps you could have a paddle. Do you mean the Carthage sites or Carthageland? Carthage is amazing and quite spread out, you can spend even a few days trying to see it all. I think Carthageland is closed but I will try to find out for you if this is what you are meaning.
  • Hi, Lesley,

    Sorry, I have been busy with my sister's wedding this week so have only just read your response to my query. Thank you very much - it was really helpful. Tunisia sounds lovely and I am really looking forward to traveling there. Take care. Hoqsta.
  • Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me, my 3 friends and i will be going to tunisia in july, we want to book tickets online, is it safe? Do we need any vaccinations before travellin to the country? we are thinking of stayin in the bel air hotel, how are the prices in hammamet? like drinks and food wise? we would be staying there for a week how much euros shall i bring? i believe 1 dinar = €0.52 is that correct? how is the weather in july?? im just afraid that when i go back home i dont end up with a disease or anything like that. I was wondering if someone could help me, that would be great :) Thanks a mill
  • Jordy - depending on the airline you book your tickets with, you will be fine and safe. You can use any of the airlines on line booking system or go through an on line travel agent such as expedia etc. I've used them literally hundreds of times and no problems. July is peak/high season here in Tunisia and prices in Hammamet will not be cheap, however, if you are using foreign currency such as Euro you will find that value for money is definitely in your favour. If you want to check the exchange rate go to a site such as: and get up to date information. You won't go home with any diseases - more likely 3rd degree burns from staying out in the midday sun!!
  • Hi,
    i'm going to Hammamet in October, was just wondering wha the general climate is like at that time and if it will still be hot enough to sunbathe/swim?
    My boyfriend and I are both 18, do you think we'll have any problems sharing a room? Thanks xx
  • Hi BeccaLouise - it will still be quite warm in Hammamet in October so you will be lucky to have sun and to swim. Hammamet is a very touristique area and if you are both foreigners then you should have no problem to share a room but you should check with the hotel first. It can be a hit and miss thing so you should have confirmation in writing if possible.

    Have fun and enjoy your time here
  • Hey Lesley Salam ,
    This is Server from Germany , me and my wife wish to visit Tune in May this year and she is pregnent so i was wondering if there will be any risk with that ? any thing we should take care of i mean specially Medically? we will travel to Hammamet mostly and intend to stay 7 days in a 4 to 5 star hotel ( not booked yet so any suggestion on hotels).
    one last question , is it safe to be out untill late night or lets say midnight with family? or late dinner outside?

    JazakAllah for your efforts and suggestion.
  • Aslema Server, you are welcome in May and I am sure you are going to love it. How pregnant will she be? If her doctor says it is ok for her to travel then there will be no problems for her here. In Hammamet there are very good private clinics and doctors who can speak many languages (probably even one who speaks German). So I think you will be both very fine. Absolutely you can stay out at night - Tune is a very safe country and Hammamet is very touristique so everyone likes to look after you. Dinner outside absolutely, or even a picnic on the beach watching the sun set?? Why not. I hate to recommend hotels as sometimes they don't live up to people's expectations, however if you take my advice look at some of the websites - if the hotel is listed as a 5* then it will be more like a 4* unless it's very, very expensive.

    I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time...................

    Barakalowfik bislemma
  • Hello, im wondering if you can give me some advice. Im traveling to Tunisia for a week at the end of July. im 22 and will be traveling with my finace whos the same age. My 19 year old sister and her partner are also coming with us. We are staying in the Skanes area and our hotel is called the Ramada Liberty Resort. Im just wondering if you think we may have any trouble with sharing rooms. iv read alot of different information on people not being married etc and experiancing problems with sharing a room. Im really panicking now, i dont like ther thought of getting excited for a holiday and then something going wrong whilst we are there. any help please ?? thankyou x
  • Hi Lesley, am back again. Hope you are not annoyed. Am quiet excited to come now. We will land there on 1st of may. I realised that the package holiday doesn't include the transport from TUNIS to HAMMAMET. So will you be able to advise us on the different possible ways to reach the hotel in Hammet? We can take a cab to the hotel once we are in Hammamet, but we prefer cheap and safe mode from Tunis to Hammamet as will cost us more on cab from the start.
    Please do suggest. you are a star and will always remember you even though we didn't met. Thanks a lot for all those time and hard work on replying "panicking travellers" like us.
  • Gemma - you should check with the hotel. I can't make a definitive answer for you as it can be very hit and miss. You should email and then call and get confirmation in writing that this will be ok. As you are all foreigners you shouldn't have too much problem, this is usually reserved for a Tunisian/foreign couple!

    But be are going to enjoy your time here!!
  • Hi Sadin - of course I'm not annoyed!! I love to give people information about Tune. The best way from Tunis to Hammamet is to organise a shuttle. A taxi will cost you too much. At the moment I can recommend the companies : HolidayTaxis and A2B - they are on the internet and I have had some good reports that they are reasonable and reliable. They will drop you at the hotel and you can organise for them to pick you up for the return. It is possible also to do this trip by louage but this I don't recommend as you need to go to the louage station in Tunis and then take the louage from there. It takes a long time!! But of course it is quite some distance from Tunis to Hammamet so be prepared for 2 hours journey.

    It is my pleasure to help you and everyone else - I want all our visitors to enjoy Tunisia and everything that is here. I do very much hope you enjoy your time - I am sure you will!!
  • Hi Lesley,

    You're being so helpful with your comments. I'm about to book a holiday to Tunisia for my family and my parents for 1st week of April - looking for some last minute deals! My 12-year old nephew would be going with us as well. I was just wondering if we need to get some sort of confirmation from my sister (she's divorced and has a solemn custody of the child) re her consent for her son to travel with us? I'm not sure how it works in Tunisia and my travel agent couldn't give me a clear answer either. Your early reply would be much appreciated as I need to confirm the booking quite urgently.

    Thanks again
  • I am going to Sousse on 28 March for a week with my 2 children and have no idea what clothes to take! How warm/cold will it be?
  • Hi Mons - you don't have anything to worry about in regard to consent - the Tunisian immigration is only concerned with children who have a Tunisian parent or passport. Enjoy yourselves!!
  • Gilly - you are in luck, it's starting to get nice and warm. Take summery clothes but with a jacket in case it's a cool day. The nights are still very cool so cardigan/jacket is a good idea for the evening.

    Hope you enjoy yourselves
  • Lesley - you're star, thank you very much!
  • Hello,
    my mother, older sister and I are thinking of taking a trip to Tunisia this May. Most likely Susse. I am wondering about the shopping possibilities? How do prices compare to European prices? I am especially interested in shoes. Do you think Susse could offer this?
    How conservative must one dress? Are there any guidelines you could give women? Are shorts and tops acceptable? Dresses that are knee-high?
    Thank you so much for your advice :)
  • Hi Suski - shopping?? Can I come too please, please, please!! Firstly, our prices are much,much cheaper than Europe and with the exchange rate you will feel like a millionaire. However, high end imported fashion is still that and you are more likely to find this in the capital Tunis or in the very tourist areas in Sousse and PEK, Hammamet etc. The locally made shoes are very, very nice and the leather is very soft and beautiful, however, you are talking to a girl who goes to Paris for the sales! I'm not sure what sort of fashion you are looking for but I'm sure you will find something in Sousse.

    I always advise women to dress more modestly than they do at home. Of course, the young women here wear western fashion and tight jeans but you definitely won't see bare arms, chests or legs - and being locals they know how to deal with the male admirers. I don't advocate shorts and skimpy tops, unless you want to attract unwanted attention. In the summer I wear long skirts and elbow length t.shirts or long flowing boho type shirts with pants/jeans. I stay cool and I am always complimented. Just make sure you take something like a pashmina for the evening it can still be cool.

    I am sure you are going to have a great time and we give you a warm welcome
  • Hi, I would love to visit Tunisia but have at huge fear of wasps - are you able to tell me the time of year I would be least bothered by them
  • Laura - I can't say that I've actually ever seen a wasp in Tunisia but I guess that summer would be the months that they would be more active as in the rest of the world.

    NB - Laura I have to take back the above. I have just seen a wasp here in the north of Tunisia and we are heading into the warm weather. But as I said, we very rarely see them but I didn't want to mislead you.
  • Salam Guys, I hope you can help me...
    Me and my wife are travelling to PEK Hotel Riu Green Park end of March. I'm hoping you can advise me where best to shop and what the current exchange rate is for GBP??
    We are also looking to do some outdoor activities, would this be possible so early in the year? and which are the activities you would advise?
    Finally is all the food served halal? we want to eat out instead of at the hotel where would you suggest is best??

  • Hi my husband and I are visiting Tune in mid Sept and we wondered what the weather may be like this time of year ????
    Also could you reccomened some day trips/activities....???
    Also what is best for currency Ie: to take GBP and exchange there ?????????
  • Hi Naz,

    All the food served in Tunisia is halal so you can eat anywhere with confidence. The shopping in PEK can be a bit more expensive than other areas as it is a purpose built tourist area. However, you can get to Hammamet and Sousse very easily by louage or taxi and wander in the medina and souq where you will find lots of stalls and shops and better prices.

    There are many outdoor activities and it really depends on what your interests are. It is getting warm here now so you can even think that perhaps you can take a swim, paragliding etc.

    If you want to venture further then I can suggest perhaps a trip to the Sahara, Tataouine and Matmata (where Star wars was filmed) and a day to discover the beautiful old city of Tunis our capital.

    I can't tell you what the exchange rate is but a good site to see this daily is:

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday
  • Hollyhock - good time to come! September is just starting to lose the sting of the August weather and you can get around more easily. Of course it is still hot so you can still swim and have all those outdoor activities.

    You can bring GBP and exchange at a bank where you will get close to the true rate. You can't buy Tunisian Dinar (TD) outside Tunisia and don't take any back home with you as no-one will exchange it for you. Also something that many tourists don't know is that duty free in Tunisia only accepts foreign currency!!

    If you look at some of my previous posts and even the one above, you will see that I suggest many day trips and tours and cities to visit. I am sure that will help you.

    Have a wonderful holiday
  • Kirsty - it is hot, hotter and hotter! July and August are the hottest months here so be prepared!!
  • Hi,
    My fiance and I are travelling to Mahdia in 11 days for our honeymoon. Can you advise what the weather is like there now?
  • hello lesley.
    My Fiance and I have just booked our Honeymoon to Port El Kantaoui for 10 nights in October. I was wondering if you could give us a guide on what the weather might be like around that time and also what type of excursions are worth while. We are keen to see traditional Tunisia culture and would like to know what sort of things we may expect.
    Also, would there be any issues with alcohol around Ramadan?
    Many thanks
  • Mabrouk Joanne - I hope you have a wonderful wedding. Mahdia is so beautiful and you will really love it there. the weather is starting to become warmer but not hot yet and the nights are still quite cool.

    I wish for you a wonderful honeymoon
  • LDP - Mabrouk to you! You will be here in October so you will miss Ramadan. It is from approx 10 August to 10 September so no need to worry about anything. PEK is very beautiful with a lovely marina area with loads of cafes and restaurants and very nice to wander around.

    there is so much to do here and your hotel will be able to organise day tours for you - it is a very good way to see a little of our country. Try to go to Tunis our capital for the day. Wander around the old city and the souq (it's beautiful). If museums interest you, then the Bardo in Tunis is wonderful. Perhaps you can go for the day to Sousse which is quite a lively city and has good shopping. Also a day tour to Tataouine or Matmata to see the Berbere caves is a good experience and you can also be invited into the houses to see how the people lived (and still do).

    I hope you have a wonderful time here
  • hi
    I am travelling to tunisia in early june with my partner and 2 children age 9 and 4 we have booked to stay in skanes at the caribbean world resort however i am really concerned as i have read reviews that this hotel is awfull and no good for brittish people is this true i have been to tunisia before i stayed in hammamet at the les oranges and fell in love with the country so am hopeing these reviews are not correct please put my mind at ease xx
  • zoescot - Skanes is a very quiet area and I'm not sure what it means that the hotel is no good for British people. We don't serve bacon or pork here so maybe that's why? I haven't seen the bad reveiws but if you feel concerned then perhaps you can change your hotel. I can't recommend hotels as they change constantly, being updated and renewed during winter for the summer period. I can ask around but I don't always believe the bad reviews, it always depends on people's expectations doesn't it. One thing is for sure, we do not follow the European star rating and a 4* here is probably equivalent to a 2/3* in Europe. Hope that helps
  • Hello Lesley, you are amazing; your guides are very helpful. I am travelling to Tunisia with my girlfriend on 04-11-10 for 7 nights and i'd be staying at yasmine Hammamet. its unfortunate that i just discovered this forum but i was wondering if you can give us any last minute guide to things we could do in April and get the most of our 7 night vacation. Also what how do you suggest we handle the issue of marriage certificate if we are asked? There seem to be concerns for women's dressing; what are the DO'S and DON'T for men in regards to dressing.
    Thanks you for your time; you are our hero!
  • Hi Derums - well thank you so much for your kind words and you've found us now!! Firstly in regard to the marriage certificate just tell them you didn't know you had to bring it with you. this usually works and I doubt even that you will be asked. Yasmine Hammamet is very beautiful and a walk around the marina with it's great bars and restaurants is lovely. It is a purpose built tourist area but if you want something more lively try going into Hammamet for the day. Even though it is still touristique is has a nice medina and some interesting sites to see. Also you could try for a day in the capital Tunis - go to the old city as it is very beautiful and the souq is great to wander around. Sousse is also within striking distance of you and this is an ancient city originally founded by the Phoenicians and little known this is where Hannibal had his base against the Romans so you can see the fort, the walled medina and lovely ancient buildings.

    Try some of our food especially couscous which is great and is cooked with either fish/chicken/meat or vegetables! Watch out for harissa, it's a staple here made from very hot red chillies and spices, we don't go a day without it! Also the fish here in Tunisia is fantastic - usually very fresh and cooked very simply on either the grill or in oil and usually served with pomme frites (french fries). It's delicious and if you want to give a compliment tell the chef beneen barcha barcha (very, very delicious)

    Tunisia is not an ultra-conservative Islamic country but in regard to the ladies clothing I always advise modesty. You will see foreigners dressed or maybe I should say undressed to varying degrees but if you want good interaction with the locals modesty wins out. Always cover the shoulders and upper arms and longer skirts or jeans/pants are fine. Young Tunisian ladies tend to wear western style clothing but never showing legs or chest! They do wear jeans etc. but they deal with the society everyday and know what they can and can't do. You men can really do as you wish but you will very rarely see local guys in shorts!

    I hope you will have a wonderful holiday (I'm sorry but it is still cool here) and i am sure that you will want to come back - I hope so
  • hi there Lesley,
    Hope you are well.
    My family & I are hoping to visit Tunisia in the 1st 2 weeks of June this year, and though the general advice in websites seems to be that June is borderline OK but can start to get really hot (up to 40deg??). I was hoping that you could shed some light on how the weather in 2010 is like, since most parts of the world are experiencing unusually cool weather! So if we are keen to see bits of the Sahara on the same trip, should we take a chance to come over in June or should we wait for cooler months (tolerance up to 27degC)?
    Also can you suggest a website or resource that susses out the better boutique style hotels or family run type B&B (ie smaller establishments with character)?
    Thanks much!
  • Hi Aud - oh how I wish I could predict the weather!! I can tell you that it does get hot in June but the hottest months here are July and August - but, the Sahara will be extremely hot and if your tolerance is only 27c then I suggest you wait until Sep/Oct or come in May. We are only a small country but have very differing climate regions. I live in the north and it is still quite cool with cold nights, windy and we have had rain. the south is starting to get hot but still with cold nights and even there has been some rain on the edges of the sand, so you can see that it is hard to predict.

    There are not loads of boutique type hotels here and very few B.B. but a couple of websites that you could check are: and

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help but I think coming in the early part of June should be ok for you heat wise............can't promise though.
  • Hi Lesley.
    My husband and I are travelling to Tunisia in November. We will be staying at the new hotel Rui Hammamet Marhaba. Just wondered if you know anything about this hotel?
    Also wondered what the weather is like in early November?
    Having read all your positive comments I am really looking forward to this holiday, it's our first holiday on our own without our 4 children in 20 years!!

    Many thanks
  • Hi Sharon - Well, I am so glad that you have picked Tunisia for your first kid free holiday!! November is quite a nice time to visit. It is not hot but the days can be sunny even though a little cool and the nights can be 'snuggly'. I don't know anything about the hotel but given that it is new I would say it is going to be very nice. I'm guessing that it's in Hammamet? This is a very nice area with lots to see and do.

    Wishes for a truly wonderful holiday
  • Hi Lesley,

    We are going to Hammamet for 10 days on 21 April 2011, just wondering if it will be good weather then? we like to go to the beach and are hoping it will be warm enough to sit on the beach at that time?

    Thank you,

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