visit to Dubline
  • hello dear sir /madam .My name is umer nadeem .my nationality is pakistan and I have been living from last five year in italia.I have resident permitt of italia .I wished to visit dubline in next year.can I visit dubline without visa , or I need visa to visit dubline .kindly guide me .I am so thankful to you.
  • It is a common misconception that if a person has permanent residence in a European country such as Italy they no longer require visas for the other member states of the European Union. This is incorrect. Until you are a full citizen and carry the passport of an EU country then you must obtain a visa for the country you wish to visit.

    For example adeel675 you have an Italian residence permit but have a Pakistani passport.You are not an Italian citizen. Therefore you must apply for a visa to visit Dublin in Ireland.

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