• Does anyone know how long a American has to be devorsed before she can marry a Tunisian man? I am planning on going there in Feb. and i have been devorsed for a week now?? Please thanks
  • I really hope i get the answers i need. Thanks and have a great day
  • I have replied to your other thread, I assume you divorced in the USA therefore you can marry again when you like. I dont understand why you think you have to wait.

  • I understand and have herd it from others just want to be 100% sorry.  Have a good weekend. and  again thanks alot for your help.
  • Okay another question?  Does he need a passport to marry me in his country?
  • All Tunisian citizens must have an Identity card by the age of 18. Therefore your partner does not need a passport to marry as the ID card is proof of identity. 
    You must ensure when he does apply for a passport his name and details must be identical to you marriage license. 

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