Is Warsaw worth visiting in Poland?
  • Hi all,
    Could anybody advise me about attractions in Warsaw? Is the city worth visiting on a holiday in Poland? I'm definitely visiting Krakow, which people rave about, but I haven't heard much about Warsaw and most people I talk to seem pretty ambivalent about the capital... any advice?
  • If the nature of your trip is to do the regular touristy stuff, then Warsaw has very little to offer. In comparison, Krakow is worth every penny.
  • Warsaw hasn't got the obvious aesthetic appeal of many European capitals but it is a very interesting city. The Old Town was devastated in World War II but rebuilt afterwards and this fact alone intrigues many history buffs. Warsaw also hosts some wonderful festivals and events, like the Mozart Festival in June/July.
  • Warsaw can be more interesting than Krakow even. It depends on what you are looking for. Many people mistook Warsaw's Old Town with city centre and compare it to Krakow then. Krakow has superb landmarks, but besides that it is just like any other city of this kind, while Warsaw has many different places just to walk around, like Lazienki Park, Ujazdowski Av with old villas, also a quarter place with socialists architecture buildings. Old Town is just half day experience. I mean city to walkaround. For nightlife you really have to know where to go to, and then it is heaven, otherwise you stuck on Old Town or Royal Route.

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