how do I invite my tunisian boyfriend to come to Australia?
  • Hello I was wondering how do I go about helping my tunisian boyfriend to come to Australia to meet me and my family.... We have been dating online for the past 5yrs now and we r both strong in our feelings for eachother.... What do I have to do to help get him here? I have never done this before ... We plan to get married either here in Australia or Tunisia it doesnt matter so I would really like some help and advice on this sort of thing if anyone is willing <3
  • i need to know this information too Sally2013! I am in your situation!!! Some-one please help us!
  • It is very complicated to obtain an Australian Tourist visa for a Tunisian or any person from a poor country. They need to show that they have employment, savings family ties and a reason to return to Tunisia at the end of their stay.

    Here is the link to the Australian Wizard Visa
    As there is no Australian Embassy in Tunisa all applications are dealt with by the Australian Embassy in Cairo  look here  I suggest you contact the Australian Embassy in Cairo for further information

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