backpacking travel to Malaysia, Would you like to give me some advice?
  • Hi everyone! 
    I am backpacking travel from Vietnam to Malaysia for 10 days. This is the first time I come here and I don't know much about this country (the cheapest accommodation or transportation, Geography,...). I have an ambition of travelling all over 11 states in Malaysia within only 10 days. Who could give me some advice?
    Thanks so much ^^
  • Well to start off, covering 12 states (not 11 states) in Peninsular Malaysia (excluding East Malaysia - Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan) within 10 days can be very challenging. Of course the logical choice would be via bus & crash into those budget hotels. 

    You should have no problem covering those towns but covering big cities like Kuala Lumpur & Selangor can be very challenging. So you really need to plan the places a bit more details.

    Lastly, avoid covering east coast area during monsoon season (Nov - Feb). 

    All the best!
  • i wrote some stuff here about where to stay etc... quite tight on budget here :-)

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